Recreational Classes


Our Recreational classes are awesome for kids who just want to take a class for fun. If they’d like to take up an hour during their week to enjoy dance and make memories with friends, then we offer an amazing recital program. Our recreational classes learn new dances each month to help them grow as dancers. Every year in March we cut off enrollment and start teaching the students their recital routine.

These students have about 4 to 5 months to learn their routine for recital. Our recitals are usually held in June of every year. This is a great opportunity for these students to perform everything they have learned and everyone from their grandma, to their cousin twice removed can come and support them.

Each dance routine will have its own costume for the students to dance in. Here at Peace Love & Dance we make sure that formations in every dance are constantly moving so that every child has a chance to be in the front and seen. This is a program that we know your children will love.

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